People in my fundraising company write copy, lots of it, and I am happy to call myself ‘an expert fundraising copywriter’. Jeff Brooks’s new book The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications will have a direct and useful impact on my learning, and it will definitely improve my copy. My online moniker is ‘SeanIsAlwaysLearning’. A ‘friendly’ competitor […]

Roewen reviews Fundraising Principles and Practice by Adrian Sargeant, Jen Shang and Associates This large book contains 22 chapters written by academics and consultant practitioners. It is written both for those studying fundraising and active fundraisers; and aims to complement the many excellent books written by professionals, as well as to ‘…draw together…the knowledge base which […]

Jan reviews Revolution in the Mailbox by Mal Warwick I love direct mail fundraising. I love the accountability it offers, I love waiting with baited breath once the letters go in the mail to see how donors will respond. I love the arcane mix of art and science that creates a wonderful direct mail relationship between […]

Made to Stick is all about how to make your messages ‘stick’ in the minds of your audience. Authors Chip and Dan Heath firmly believe that if an idea is understood, it is remembered and it changes something. Given that fundraising at its most basic is about ‘changing something’ I think this book is a […]

Starting a new fundraising program is never easy, so when I took on the role of Fundraising Executive at a hospital that had no real professional fundraising experience the gauntlet was clearly thrown down.  I inherited five databases – all on spreadsheets, and after amalgamating them I was ready to mail my first direct marketing […]

Oldies but goodies

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by Christiana Stergiou

Some fundraisers spend a lot of time focusing on what’s new and on chasing the latest trends. They fail to see that some of the best fundraising methods out there aren’t new, they are traditional and old – but they are executed to perfection. With that in mind, I am going to recommend three ‘old’ […]

Ogilvy on Advertising – he’ll set you right

Thumbnail image for Ogilvy on Advertising – he’ll set you right 10 January 2011

Time magazine called David Ogilvy ‘the most sought-after-wizard in the advertising business’.  You’ll find hundreds of websites dedicated to his work, web pages filled with his quotable quotes and videos of the great man on You Tube. You’ll also find thousands of advertisers, young and old alike, who’ll gladly confess to worshiping David Ogilvy as […]

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A Fundraising Books holiday wish list

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Wishing you health, happiness and some extra fundraising sparkle in whatever you celebrate at this time of year. Here is a fundraising books wish-list I thought I’d share – full of fab holiday reading. Ten top books to make you a better fundraising copywriter Whether you write fundraising letters, content for your website, donor newsletters, […]

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