Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m looking for a book on a particular topic. Can you help me find the right book?
A: We’ll try our hardest to help you. Please get in touch and let us know what topic you’re looking for, or what fundraising challenge you face and we’ll do our best to recommend a book that’s just right for you.

Q: I want to write a fundraising book, can you help me publish it and find an audience?
A: We’d love to talk to you more about your ideas and plans. Please contact us. It would help if you can tell us about your area of expertise, why you want to publish the book, the topic and how it would help fundraisers. If you’ve got the first chapter written, or an outline of the book, then let us know that too. Let’s talk! Please contact us by emailing hello [at] fundraisingbooks [dot] net (not .com!) or simply fill out our contact form here.

Q: What’s an e-book?
A: An e-book is an electronic book. Instead of ink on papers, it takes the form of a digital file. This file can be read on your computer, or on an e-reader device such as an Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad.