Tweeting for fundraising… a few tips to help you on your way

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by Christiana Stergiou

Twitter for Good by Claire Diaz-Ortiz 

Reviewed by Bianca Ousley.

I was recently given the opportunity to read a new book just before it was published. Twitter for Good was written by Claire Diaz-Ortiz who is the Head of Philanthropy and things at Twitter Inc.  She has spent much of her time there over the past few years talking with and supporting charities and businesses that use Twitter (or want to use Twitter) for encouraging social change.

I’ve only just finished reading it (my first book read almost entirely on my iPhone – how exciting?!?) and thought I’d let you know how great it was. I caught on to Facebook about 3-4 years ago but have not really ever been a fan of Twitter; I just didn’t get it. It’s only been over the past few months that I’ve created an account and have started to try and use it. I found people and organisations that I’m interested in to ‘follow’ and hope that someone out there wants to ‘follow’ me too. I have been posting my own tweets and am happy to retweet others if I find them informative or entertaining.

For those in the community sector learning these sorts of things has always got to be good for work. I mean, what fundraiser or charity would say no to free… well, anything???

So I got into Twitter for Good really easily as it’s a very easy to read book (e-book in my case) and is very well written. It explains the very basics about Twitter – even a bit on its history too. I was learning things in the very first few pages! It also had a nifty system of easily identifying sections of the book when the author referred readers to something online – great so you can go back later and make sure you see the online things.

It lays out one of the most simple marketing/media strategies I think I’ve ever seen – in a very easy-to-comprehend, five-step manner; T-W-E-E-T. That’s it. The basics of the strategy are to Target, Write, Engage, Explore and Track.

I know it’s made me think about Twitter in a whole new light and I’m excited to start using it in a more strategic way. I highly recommend that you get on to it too – if you’re not – and if you are – you should get a copy of Twitter for Good and start reading. It really will make you feel positively tweet.

Bianca Ousley is the chick behind Fish Community Solutions, aka The Fish Chick. She is passionate about creating positive change in the world and as such sees herself as a Community Change Architect. She has ten years experience in professional writing and communications in the non-profit sector and advertising industry.

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