David Ogilvy

Oldies but goodies

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by Christiana Stergiou

Some fundraisers spend a lot of time focusing on what’s new and on chasing the latest trends. They fail to see that some of the best fundraising methods out there aren’t new, they are traditional and old – but they are executed to perfection. With that in mind, I am going to recommend three ‘old’ […]

Time magazine called David Ogilvy ‘the most sought-after-wizard in the advertising business’.  You’ll find hundreds of websites dedicated to his work, web pages filled with his quotable quotes and videos of the great man on You Tube. You’ll also find thousands of advertisers, young and old alike, who’ll gladly confess to worshiping David Ogilvy as […]

A Fundraising Books holiday wish list

Made to Stick

by Christiana Stergiou

Wishing you health, happiness and some extra fundraising sparkle in whatever you celebrate at this time of year. Here is a fundraising books wish-list I thought I’d share – full of fab holiday reading. Ten top books to make you a better fundraising copywriter Whether you write fundraising letters, content for your website, donor newsletters, […]